5 reasons why to work in the Austrian Alps in the summer!

Weather you are going on holidays or spending your summer working at a hotel, we commonly dream of summer destinations with sand and sea, but have you ever thought about trading them in for mountains and lakes? Inspired by the recent boom of summer tourisme in most traditional austrian winter resorts, I’m sharing 5 AWESOME reasons to spend your summer season in the Austrian Alps.

  1. Get to know the country from a completely different aspect!
    Most people who come from outside Austria know the country as a traditional winter destination with ice-covered mountains, buzzling ski lifts and snowed-in, romantic chalets. The summer presents the country and its breathtaking landscapes in an entirely different light. Get to know the deep blue lakes, green Alm-pastures, thundering waterfalls, playfull hiking trails, enchanted forests or explore other summer activities while you earn a fantastic salary.

2. Learn German while you make money!
Summer season is usually a great time to brush up on other skills that you dont have so much time for in the          winter. Learning the language or improving on already existing skills is a great way to move ahead and get that    promotion during the next season!

3. Its a great place to stay active and fit while working!
Most hotels offer the free use of hotel facilities for staff members. This means in your down-time or on days off     you can enjoy the hotel pool or Spa, tennis courts, fitness rooms, wellness areas or outdoor facilities. You can also take advantage of rental deals on mountain bikes or e-bikes, hiking and climbing equipment, sail boats or other water sports equipment. There is something for everyone and many more options depending on the area.

4. The ‘Sound of Music’ is always present!
Weather you like classical music or hip festivals, the Austrian summer season has plently to offer in that field. Music festivals take place all over the country during summer months and are not only happening in the big cities. Check out this link to find what suits you best and where you want to get your dose of sound this summer!

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5. Career opportunities await!
Unlike the winter season where its generally very busy and hard to make connections, the summer is the time where you can do some networking and plan your next career move. You can prove your worth during this time of year and show that you should be next in line for that promotion at yourt hotel. Making the right move and meeting the right people is especially important in todays tourisme industry and meeting people or getting together for a casual chat is so much easier in a relaxed athmosphere.

What did you think of our 5 reasons to work in the Austrian Alps in the Summer? Are you thinking of planning your own Austrian adventure? We´d love to know your thoughts so please leave a comment in the box below. Your AlpJobs TEAM!

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