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When it comes to applications in the catering, hotel and tourism sectors, the first impression counts. Because the employees are the company’s calling card. Guests want to feel comfortable, which is why a well-groomed appearance and good manners are seen as basics.

Working in the catering or hotel industry -
What to consider when applying successfully


Before you apply, you should be aware that certain characteristics are important in the catering and hotel industry. Be honest with yourself whether you bring these with you. These include: a strong service concept as well as pronounced customer orientation, stress resistance and resilience. In addition, you should be good at communicating and sociable. Foreign language skills are just as important as reliability, accuracy, punctuality and a professional demeanor.


If you don’t like working with people and don’t feel like learning new things, facing daily challenges and doing your best under stress, you should ask yourself whether this area is really for you. It doesn’t make sense when you are unhappy. Because that carries over to the guests and then it’s over quickly. Even if your personality is suitable, missing documents or insufficient accuracy when submitting your application can exclude you from the application process.

Show us that you have positive energy, charisma and personality. It is important to respond to the guest and to entertain them at the same time, because this way you maximize your tip!

We would like to see that you are ambitious and want to improve yourself further, but are already a leader with your own style and creativity.

We look for a good demeanor, friendliness and good manners, but also skills such as organizational talent and multitasking skills.

You are characterized by diligence and commitment, show us your calm being that copes with stress, because then partying with colleagues will not be neglected either 😊

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