If you are coming to work to The Alps in a Hotel as a seasonal worker, you have certainly wondered how you will live during your stay and how your accommodation is fitted?

Well, whether it’s the Alps in Austria, Switzerland, or the Alps in the northern part of Italy, almost all Hotels in that area rely on seasonal workers from abroad and therefore provide suitable accommodation for them.

Here is a list of questions we are frequently being asked regarding what these accommodations look like, how big they are, and what standard of living can be expect when you coming to work there.

In general, staff accommodations are airy, clean, comfortable with the aim of making the employee feel welcome and at home. Hotel owners know that an employee who feels good and relaxed when they are in their room will be happy and give their best for the company. Therefore, the employers do everything in their power to provide that for their staff. Generally, rooms are standard single rooms, about 8m2 to 10m2 with everything one needs, i.e. a comfortable bed, a closet, a table with chairs, a bathroom with shower and toilet, WIFI, and sometimes even a TV set.

Here are the most frequently asked questions and a brief description of the accommodation provided most of the time and what the standard of those is.


 – Is the accommodation always close to the workplace?

It is always within walking distance to the workplace unless we specifically inform you otherwise. However, in these cases we reserve the position for candidates who travel with their own car and therefore can commute easily to their workplace.

 – Is it a shared house with other colleagues? How many?

It’s always a single room accommodation, which can be directly in the hotel or, for example, a shared apartment with a shared kitchen and living room for up to four people. Room and bathroom are always individual.

– Do they always provide a single room?

Single rooms are standard, except for when we send couples. Most hotels have single as well as double rooms, those, however, are normally reserved for couples or friends who specifically request to share a room.

– Do we live with other colleagues that work in the same hotel or could it be with people that work in other hotels?

It’s mainly work colleagues from the same hotel who live together since most hotels own their own staff houses, which are meant for their employees only. Some hotels must rent additional accommodation externally during peak season and in such a rare case it could happen that you live in a place with people from other hotels.

-Are there any pictures available that I can look at what staff accommodation looks like?

Many hotels have pictures of their staff accommodation online, so if you go on their website, you most likely will find information, including photos of staff housing units.  If not, we can always provide pictures from any specific hotel that you are looking to work at and send them to you.


We sincereley hope these answers give you a good idea of what you can expect and what awaits you when you arrive.

If you have any input or experience of your own you want to share feel free to contact us or leave us a comment!




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