Job Destination ALPS – EPISODE 1

In order to show our candidates what its like to work in a Hotel in the the beautiful Alps, we are starting a series of interviews and video chats with poeple who are already working in Austria or Switzerland. They want to share their stories and experiences and bring Austria as a prime Job destination […]


  If you are coming to work to The Alps in a Hotel as a seasonal worker, you have certainly wondered how you will live during your stay and how your accommodation is fitted? Well, whether it’s the Alps in Austria, Switzerland, or the Alps in the northern part of Italy, almost all Hotels in […]

The Recurring Problem of Work Permits for Third Countries

Article written by CARMEN WEISSENSTEIN Tourism industry, Austria’s figurehead and lifeline, is complaining about an acute shortage of staff. Established staff left the industry during the corona pandemic and the next generation is a long time coming. Numerous chefs, waiters, and bartenders left their profession during the lockdowns and do not seem to be coming […]

Will the Hospitality Industry in Austria Soon Run Out of Skilled Workers?

Article written by CARMEN WEISSENSTEIN The tourism industry has been complaining about an acute shortage of staff for the last year. According to hoteliers the main reason for this situation lies in the COVID-19 pandemic, which due to several lockdowns affected the hospitality business in a great manner. Established staff left the industry during the […]

The Impact of The Russo-Ukrainian War on Toursim and Hotel Jobs in Austria

Article written by CARMEN WEISSENSTEIN The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has already had a negative impact on Europe the Hotel Job Market, such as the rising energy prices and disruptions of the supply chain. The former is increasing the inflationary pressure and is distressing the general population and the latter poses a great […]

Ban of all Covid Restrictions – Is Freedom Day coming to the Austrian Alps?

Article written by CARMEN WEISSENSTEIN It is soon going to be two years since the current Covid-19 pandemic started and turned our lives upside down. During the last two year we gradually adapted to the so-called new reality and came to terms with all the restrictions and rules introduced by the governments all over the […]

Hotel Experts plan for the future in the Alps

Alpjobs Magazine - Hotel Experts plan for the future in the Alps

If you ask yourself where you want to be in 5 years times and are you on the right track to take you to where you set your goals to be? Taking the long view on careers requires us to be reflective, which can help determine whats really important in both our professional as well […]

Recruiting for the HOTEL INDUSTRY in times of COVID

Alpjobs magazine - recruiting for the hotel industry in times of covid

While the coronavirus has wreaked havoc on many industries by forcing them to downsize their workforces, most importantly the hotel and hospitality sector, others are seeing the reverse effect. Health care, food and pharmacy retail and supply chain industries — jobs that are absolutely essential in this crisis, are absolutley booming! The Hotel Industry is […]

Home Office – Pros and Cons?

Alpjobs magazine - home office - pros and cons

Just like the great majority of European countries, we Austrians have spent the better part of a year in lock-down, seclusion and most importantly, the so-called HOME OFFICE! Since a great deal of employees have had to deal with that new reality of working from home, what are the conclusion after almost a year of […]

The Austrian Alps are BLOOMING again!

Alpjobs - The Austrian Alps are blooming again

A new world out there, a new chance in the Alps! Although the coronavirus has exposed the fragility of our societies and is a chance to build a more sustainable future as well as take advantage of the opportunities presenting themselves, say several leading international experts on the subject. The coronavirus crisis has proved that […]